DF65 Global Invitational 2022

Dear Skippers,

We hope that you all are well and that you keep away from Covid-19.

This year and the life of the Pandemic is really putting us to the test.
We all need to take our responsibility and keep a social distance and listen to the recommendations from our countries health authorities.
DF-Sailing is on a halt and only local sailing occurs and for now that is also on halt in some of our countries.

Global Invitational in DF-65 in Sweden has been moved once from sept 2020 to sept 2021 and now we see that we need to move it once more.

Our hope is that with the upcoming vaccination during next year 2021 we will be able to have the event in May 2022.
We are aiming for May 2022 with registration on the 22 of May and racing starts on the 23 of May until the 27 of May. We are planning for the same venue as before, Nynäshamn.
More details will come when there is time to register for the event.
Keep well.
We hope to see you all in Sweden for the class of DF-65 first Global event in May 2022.

Best regards
Chairman of DF-Sailing Sweden
Mats Hansson SWE 222