DF65 SM Nynäshamn 7-8/9

SM vinnare 2018 Christer Sörvik

The Swedish Dragonforce Association welcomes you to;

Swedish National Championship for DragonForce 65

The regatta will be held at Nynäshamn harbour near Stockholm on the 7-8th of September.

Notice of race is now available beneath:

Notice of Race

Useful information
Accomodation at Skärgårdshotellet

Prices are 700 SEK (single room) and 1000 SEK (double room). Pls state code “DF65 SM” when making your reservation to get these prices. Link to the hotel; www.skargardshotellet.se
Make your reservation at phone +46 8 520 111 20 or email to info@skargardshotellet.se

At this link you will find information about other accommodations like hostels, campings, cottages, B&B etc

Questions may be directed to Magnus Timerdal, df65swe@gmail.com

Entry and Eligibility
Due to many registrations we have recently raised our entry limits. Our ambition is to make room for all Swedish skippers that wish to join, but we also need to ensure quality in the regatta.
The regatta will be restricted to 60 skippers. All participating boats must be registered beneath with, and display a sail number issued by a national DF65 Class Association. The swedish skippers are initially limited to 48 entries, based on the current rankings as of August 5th and 12 spots will be held for skippers from abroad. The final allocation of entries will proceed as following;

August 5
Distibuted open spaces are filled up. National ranking can possibly be used in the allocation of places. Invitations will be published here. Any open international spots will be relesed as “first come, first serve” places for everyone to take. Any remaining skippers will be assigned to a waiting list.

August 13
Deadline for payments from invited skippers. Any remaining applications on the waiting list may be given invitations on a second round based on the amount of spots left. 

August 20
Deadline for payments from the second round. A final regatta entry list will be presented.

Entry list 20190902 Payments made. 49 competitors. 

SWE 2 Benny Johnsson LSSG
SWE 3 Petter Kostmann BrSS
SWE 8 Magnus Timerdal srss
DEN 11 Anders Friis S E S
SWE 12 Fredrik Edgren SRSS
SWE 14 Mats Hagman SRSS
SWE 17 Tim Shuwalow KSSS
SWE 20 Mikael Malmgren StSS
SWE 21 Michael Collberg Mariestads sk
SWE 24 Mats Claesson LBK
SWE 28 Åke Svensson NQBK
SWE 29 lasse karlsson södertälje bk
SWE 36 Hans Larsson SRSS
SWE 40 Thomas Aastradsen LjSS
SWE 41 Carl Fredrik Nycander Åkersberga
SWE 46 Rolf Danehammar UKSS
SWE 49 Lars Ericson SRSS
SWE 59 Bo Lindsjö Malmö ss
SWE 60 Jonas Samson Hass
SWE 63 Bo Gullberg LjSS
DEN 64 Brian Nilsson MSK
SWE 65 Gert Birgersson MSK
SWE 71 Richard Malm LjSS
SWE 73 Johan Schelin MSK
SWE 74 Pelle Georgsson LinSS
SWE 77 Olle Krogh SRSS
SWE 80 Eva Samson HaSS
SWE 93 Rolf Andersson BoSS
SWE 99 Petter Forsen täby
SWE 111 Dick Lindberg Srss
SWE 115 Magnus Janeborn SSH
SWE 137 Thomas Wrande Dalarö
SWE 145 Bo Rogalin LinSS
SWE 184 Joakim Mellström VBS
DEN 193 Søren Andresen HSS
DEN 199 Bjørn Christensen Msk
SWE 222 Mats Hansson Vallda
SWE 231 Stefan Lundquist Bromma
SWE 311 Håkan Lundquist SRSS
SWE 423 Lars Smit Ljungskile ss
SWE 470 Peter Wallin KgSS
SWE 474 Göran Uggla Bromma
SWE 520 Anders Blom MSK
SWE 645 Ulf Lindberg Lillkyrka
SWE 853 Magnus Bood MSK
SWE 951 Jonas Sardal LJSS
SWE 1711 Peter Blomberg SRSS
FIN 100 Petteri Grönroos N

Unregistrations are made through e-mail to petter_k@hotmail.com for manual cancellation.